Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dangerous To Unborn Children

Obama's views on abortion rights are well known.

Abortion is a Holocaust, in which over 40 MILLION unborn children have been murdered, with the full support of the Liberal Supreme Court.

Obama even favors the right to so-called Partial Birth Abortion, the ghastly killing of a fully-developed child, who is pulled partly out of the womb so they can be murdered with a knife, then pulled the rest of the way out...dead.

Finally, even if an abortion is botched, and the baby is born alive, Obama favors the right to just set them aside, and let them die. He voted against a bill that would prevent that practice, and give human care to such a born child. No, he implied by his vote, let them die, too. It's only an unwanted child.

See "Dangerous To Our Constitution". If Obama were elected, we could be assured of a Liberal Activist Supreme Court that would continue to tear apart our Constitution for likely the next 30 to 40 years, minimum!

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