Friday, October 31, 2008

Dangerous To Our Free Press

After a Florida television reporter interviewed VP candidate Joe Biden, the Obama campaign told the television station "No more access" to the campaign.

What was the sin of WFTV's reporter, Barbara West?

She had the audacity to ask Biden tough questions, instead of the usual pablum the Mainstream Media feeds to Barack's team. How dare she?

That's how Obama treats the media that dares to challenge him.

Here's the video:

Biden Interview by Barbara West
Oh, and that's just one of several examples of attempting to muzzle the free press.

Did you know that Obama kicked three newspaper news teams off from his campaign plane? They had all had seats on the plane throughout the campaign (for which they paid big expense money). But they all made the mistake of endorsing John McCain on their editorial pages. And now they're no longer welcome.

Go against Obama in any way, and you're gone?

Here are links to the story:

Drudge Report


Washington Times, (one of the papers kicked off the, plane.
Final note: Obama may say something like, "Hey, they're still free to write and speak. We just don't want to give them access to ME and my gang, even though I may be the leader of the United States of America."

This is hogwash. Without access, the whole Press Corps is intimidated and suppressed.

That's not a Free Press. It's inadvertent censorship. Scary.

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