Friday, October 31, 2008

Dangerous To Our Free Press

After a Florida television reporter interviewed VP candidate Joe Biden, the Obama campaign told the television station "No more access" to the campaign.

What was the sin of WFTV's reporter, Barbara West?

She had the audacity to ask Biden tough questions, instead of the usual pablum the Mainstream Media feeds to Barack's team. How dare she?

That's how Obama treats the media that dares to challenge him.

Here's the video:

Biden Interview by Barbara West
Oh, and that's just one of several examples of attempting to muzzle the free press.

Did you know that Obama kicked three newspaper news teams off from his campaign plane? They had all had seats on the plane throughout the campaign (for which they paid big expense money). But they all made the mistake of endorsing John McCain on their editorial pages. And now they're no longer welcome.

Go against Obama in any way, and you're gone?

Here are links to the story:

Drudge Report


Washington Times, (one of the papers kicked off the, plane.
Final note: Obama may say something like, "Hey, they're still free to write and speak. We just don't want to give them access to ME and my gang, even though I may be the leader of the United States of America."

This is hogwash. Without access, the whole Press Corps is intimidated and suppressed.

That's not a Free Press. It's inadvertent censorship. Scary.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dangerous To National Security

Obama has made it clear that he would gut our nation of its military superiority. He would reduce our weapons systems, destroy our nuclear arsenal, and stop our anti-missile space weaponry defenses (so-called "star wars", the very technology that most discouraged the former Soviet Union under Ronald Reagan, and led to their dissolution).

Here it is in Obama's own words:

Obama's Plan To Disarm America (1:35 minutes):

Obama Wants To Disarm America - Alert! (3:36 minutes):

9/11, Obama's Pastor, And Promises To Disarm (4:44 minutes):

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dangerous To Free Capitalism

The photo above is from the infamous volunteer office of Obama supporters in Texas. The office displayed a Cuban flag with Communist Che Guevara's picture superimposed on it. Such volunteers and voters are thrilled with Obama's candidacy.

Laura Hollis is a former Law Professor and is currently Professor of Business Administration At the University of Illinois.

Her column shows that Obama goes beyond just "left-wing", or even "socialist", to an even more radical position that should be shocking average Americans, if it wasn't for Obama's friends, the Mainstream Media.

See Laura's column here.

Obama is, of course, endorsed by Communists, as shown here and here.

But it's his own views, actions, and alliances that show he goes beyond just being a typical Liberal Democrat. That's part of why he is rated as the most Liberal Senator in the U.S. Senate, even above the Socialist Party Senator from Vermont.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dangerous To Race Relations

Obama's associations and alliances have shown him to be a man who could potentially set race relations back decades.

He sat for 20 years in a church congregation whose Pastor, Jeremiah Wright, has made some of the most racially incendiary comments from the pulpit that have ever been made. Wright's association, in turn, with the black racist anti-semitic leader Louis Farrakhan have made Obama's judgment look pretty poor. Farrakhan, of course, doesn't mind. He called Obama "The Messiah".

I lost even more respect for Obama in this regard when he referred, on national television, to his white Grandmother as "a typical white woman".

Of course America is far from perfect in racial equality and harmony. We have a long way to go. But we have come a long way.

I would be proud to see an African American become President of the United States, if his views reflected the ideals of free enterprise economics, judicial constitutionalism, and social righteousness, especially in regard to the Holocaust of the unborn.

Obama's comments and alliances have not helped. And I don't believe he will help us in reaching the ideal expressed by Martin Luther King, Jr., that we should not judge one another by the color of our skin, but by the content of their character.

Dangerous To Unborn Children

Obama's views on abortion rights are well known.

Abortion is a Holocaust, in which over 40 MILLION unborn children have been murdered, with the full support of the Liberal Supreme Court.

Obama even favors the right to so-called Partial Birth Abortion, the ghastly killing of a fully-developed child, who is pulled partly out of the womb so they can be murdered with a knife, then pulled the rest of the way out...dead.

Finally, even if an abortion is botched, and the baby is born alive, Obama favors the right to just set them aside, and let them die. He voted against a bill that would prevent that practice, and give human care to such a born child. No, he implied by his vote, let them die, too. It's only an unwanted child.

See "Dangerous To Our Constitution". If Obama were elected, we could be assured of a Liberal Activist Supreme Court that would continue to tear apart our Constitution for likely the next 30 to 40 years, minimum!

New - Watch This Video - Warning: Heartbreaking

Dangerous To Business -- That Means You, Even If You Don't Have A Business

Small businesses are critical to job creation and prosperity in the United States.

Obama will tax "the rich" who own small businesses.

How do you think the "rich" will pay their higher taxes?

Three ways:

1. By increasing the cost of their products that YOU purchase. This means that THEIR tax increase is really an increase to YOU.

2. By reducing the work force. Less jobs! Who just paid for the higher taxes? Everybody!

3. By reducing expansion. Instead of using profits to grow (that's what businesses love to do), they are paying higher taxes. Less expansion, less growth, less jobs, hurting everyone.

This is not rocket science, folks. This is Economics 101.

Dangerous To The Economy

If you think we are having economic hard times now, think what the higher taxes and spending of Obama would bring.

Obama lies and says that our current economic problems are because of the Bush Aministration. I'm not here to defend Bush (he approved way too much spending). But Obama knows darn well the real reasons.

The truth is three-fold:

1. CYCLES -- Any first-year economic student can tell you that our economy goes through self-correcting cycles every few years. Much as we don't like down-turns, they are a part of life. Even in our down cycles we are abundantly wealthy.

2. LIBERAL ENCOURAGING OF MORTGAGES FOR THOSE WHO COULDN'T AFFORD THEM -- While there is blame on both sides of the aisle, when Republicans tried to reign in the abuses by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the Democrats voted it down.

2. LIBERALISM -- Economic Liberalism has two basic programs...ALWAYS! Tax and Spend. Their answer to everything is Tax and Spend.

CYCLES are unavoidable. The best we can do is minimize them.

LIBERALISM must be challenged by those who can articulate the problem. Too few can, because most people are educated in schools that promote Liberalism.
The bottom line: Obama has one two-part goal for his administration, economically:

TAX AND SPEND! That's the only creativity that economic Liberalism has. But it always hurts our country one way or another, while the Federal Government grows larger.
If you think that Obama is telling the truth about lowering taxes for the middle class, you simply don't understand Liberalism. Bill Clinton promised a "Middle Class Taxcut" in 1992. One of his first speeches to the public after he got in office was him almost weeping in sorrow [wink] because he "couldn't" do it. He said, in effect, "I tried! I never worked on anything so hard in my life! But we just can't do it right now [or ever, of course]."

If you think Obama is telling the truth about higher taxes for "the rich", you are right. But they will simply pass on part of their increase with higher prices for YOU, and their growth will be stifled as their profits are squandered on the inefficient Big Government. Jobs will suffer, maybe yours.

Dangerous To Israel & Jews

I would encourage you to look at two introductory sites, and study further if you like:

1. Ben Shapiro's column in Town Hall:

2. This introductory YouTube video:

Dangerous To The Constitution

If Obama were elected, we could count on having a Liberal, anti-Constitution, activist Supreme Court for the next 30 to 40 years!

To illustrate, just a couple of months ago, the Supreme Court upheld the right to keep and bear arms by only a 5 to 4 margin.

Do you understand what that means?! It means that 4 out of 5 Supreme Court Justices actually were willing to deny the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution!

Why? It's because Liberal Judges don't care about the Constitution. Or in their words, the Constitution is a "living" "evolving" document. And Obama agrees with them.

What's the big deal? It means that the balance of power between the Legislative Branch and the Judicial branch is in grave danger, because THE COURT IS ACTUALLY MAKING LAWS, instead of "interpreting" the Constitution, like it's supposed to.

At the Saddleback Forum, when Obama was asked what Supreme Court Justices he would not want on the bench, he said Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas (Conservative Justices who uphold the Constitution).

Think about that a minute...If Scalia and Thomas had been replaced by two Liberal Justices that Obama would choose, the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms would have gone down in flames! Not with a Constitutional amendment (the proper way to change the Constitution), but with Liberal activist Judges in effect making a law exactly opposite the Constitution.

You may not care about the 2nd Amendment (you should), but just think if the Court decided against something that you DID care about?

What if they decided to take away your freedom of speech? Or religion? Or right to assemble? Or the right to your home and property? Believe me, some of these have already been done in some cases.

Obama is dangerous to the Constitution.

NEW-- Listen to this amazing video and be amazed! Obama says the Constitution reflects "the fundamental flaw of this country that continues to this day". No wonder he wants to subvert it.