Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dangerous To The Economy

If you think we are having economic hard times now, think what the higher taxes and spending of Obama would bring.

Obama lies and says that our current economic problems are because of the Bush Aministration. I'm not here to defend Bush (he approved way too much spending). But Obama knows darn well the real reasons.

The truth is three-fold:

1. CYCLES -- Any first-year economic student can tell you that our economy goes through self-correcting cycles every few years. Much as we don't like down-turns, they are a part of life. Even in our down cycles we are abundantly wealthy.

2. LIBERAL ENCOURAGING OF MORTGAGES FOR THOSE WHO COULDN'T AFFORD THEM -- While there is blame on both sides of the aisle, when Republicans tried to reign in the abuses by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the Democrats voted it down.

2. LIBERALISM -- Economic Liberalism has two basic programs...ALWAYS! Tax and Spend. Their answer to everything is Tax and Spend.

CYCLES are unavoidable. The best we can do is minimize them.

LIBERALISM must be challenged by those who can articulate the problem. Too few can, because most people are educated in schools that promote Liberalism.
The bottom line: Obama has one two-part goal for his administration, economically:

TAX AND SPEND! That's the only creativity that economic Liberalism has. But it always hurts our country one way or another, while the Federal Government grows larger.
If you think that Obama is telling the truth about lowering taxes for the middle class, you simply don't understand Liberalism. Bill Clinton promised a "Middle Class Taxcut" in 1992. One of his first speeches to the public after he got in office was him almost weeping in sorrow [wink] because he "couldn't" do it. He said, in effect, "I tried! I never worked on anything so hard in my life! But we just can't do it right now [or ever, of course]."

If you think Obama is telling the truth about higher taxes for "the rich", you are right. But they will simply pass on part of their increase with higher prices for YOU, and their growth will be stifled as their profits are squandered on the inefficient Big Government. Jobs will suffer, maybe yours.

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