Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dangerous To Free Capitalism

The photo above is from the infamous volunteer office of Obama supporters in Texas. The office displayed a Cuban flag with Communist Che Guevara's picture superimposed on it. Such volunteers and voters are thrilled with Obama's candidacy.

Laura Hollis is a former Law Professor and is currently Professor of Business Administration At the University of Illinois.

Her column shows that Obama goes beyond just "left-wing", or even "socialist", to an even more radical position that should be shocking average Americans, if it wasn't for Obama's friends, the Mainstream Media.

See Laura's column here.

Obama is, of course, endorsed by Communists, as shown here and here.

But it's his own views, actions, and alliances that show he goes beyond just being a typical Liberal Democrat. That's part of why he is rated as the most Liberal Senator in the U.S. Senate, even above the Socialist Party Senator from Vermont.

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